Hey Moon I missed you. We haven’t talked in DAYS and it was miserable as usual. That changed tonight however. We are currently spending our MUCH needed time together & the ‘Butterflies’ return…

You’re watching New Moon & I’m writing this post and I couldn’t and WOULDN’T want to be with anyone else right now. This is how I want to spend my EVERY night. Snuggled up with you just ‘doing us’ while enjoying this thing called LIFE.

However, this ‘US’ I am speaking of I FEAR won’t last. Actually, I’m convinced it won’t because of the circumstances we are BOTH dealing with at this time in our lives. I’m trying to remind myself that YOU are worth it. That WE are worth it. I’m just finding it harder to BELIEVE, TRUST, IMAGINE, and mostly ACCEPT. I worry also that maybe YOU won’t remember that WE are worth it.

We worked so hard together as ‘US’ to make sure that we BOTH appreciated the others LOVE. and we were so fucking GOOD at it. We really were, we were soooooo good at being in LOVE. You made me a better me, a happier me. I miss that so much. I miss BELIEVING in ‘US’. I miss trusting that you were gonna be there when I needed you. I miss you taking my breath away from excitement, not from feeling a HURT so fierce the breath is sucked from you.

I know deep down that I BELIEVE in love. I know that with time I will open up and be more accepting and less skeptical, at least I hope these things. I wish them to be true. You tell me EVERY chance you can that you Miss me, think of me, love me, want me, Oh yea…. you want me…. Now, THAT brings a smile to my face and warms my heart.


I know that the TWO of us will fight for the OTHER no matter what. Because we LOVE.

I am making you pause your movie so that we can make some MAGIC (:

I love you my moon….. tonight and ALWAYS

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