Delete one more of my post WordPress and I’m going to Blogspot!!!!!!!!!!

I would start by something chipper like, Hello, or Hi, but… I feel anything but chipper today. I feel like shit actually. I am losing the battle with the Beast I told you about yesterday. I am scared. I am so scared right now.

I sit here listening to music trying to keep my mind from the demons who have invaded my head today. Not that it hasn’t been filled with darkness for awhile now, it has, it has turned to such a darkness that I am scared to be alone now. He haunts me, he stares at me as I try to ‘fake’ it thru my day, He lurks in the shadows, He lingers over my shoulder as I brush my teeth, He is EVERYwhere and I dont know how to escape him for much longer.


This post was deleted again by wordpress!! Im so over it, I’m about to switch to another blogging site…. I spent hours letting the demons in my head out only to find out that it wasnt saved. This only pisses me off more. Im too mad to write… I hate you wordpress…. i hate you….

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