You can keep me…. I love you…

Hey mister… I miss you tonight. I could be spending much needed time with you tonight but, fate had other plans. F U tonight fate!! I’m just sitting here listening to Ms. Mazzy Star’s Fade Into You… thoughts of you are swirling in my head and in my wine glass. I want to fade into you so bad baby, like I used to. I want to lay my head down and hear you whisper sweet nothings into my ear like you are so good at. I want to fall asleep, actually fall asleep, with you. Nothing makes me sleep like you. I miss that. I miss that so much. I hate the ‘napping’ I now do instead of the peaceful sleep I once had. WE will sleep like that again baby. I know we will because you keep

You know what else I miss? I miss laying there between sleep and awake, listening to you tell me that you love, even though you don’t think I can hear you. I heard you ya know, every time. I heard you still whisper all the things you wanted with me, all the love you had for me, & my favorite of all of the whispers was your, ‘Can I keep you?’ whisper. It melted my heart EVERYtime you  would whisper to me. That just happens to be one of my favorite movie lines of all time! Not to mention the song that reminds me of my sweet Casper. Hmmm…. maybe you are my Casper as well as my Moon. The two of them go hand in hand. Hmmmm…. perhaps you are…

Well my dear I am going to refill my wine and see if I can catch up on some T.V tonight. Maybe that will help clear my mind and the time pass more quickly until I can be with you again.

G’night my Moon… I love you forever.

P.S. Good luck on Friday! I’m sending good Ju-Ju your way my Love <333

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