Hey baby I miss you. I have spent much of today trying to hide from The BEAST. He is so persistent, he won’t stop his pestering but I have that tingle from last night still. Its still here, can you believe it? I have carried it with me all day. If it starts to fade and the BEAST tries to come out I replay you and I last night and it comes right back.

I am trying my hardest to not stress out about whether or not you will be there tonight. I am just going with; you WILL be there, no questions asked. I BELIEVE in you because it is so much easier than trying to believe in me. I do believe in you so there is no work needed there. I don’t know why I haven’t been doing this all along? I guess it took me some reminding. Thank you for reminding me babes. Your little pep talk last night was much needed. I am going to BELIEVE. I am going to LIVE for today. I am not going to stress out about anything I can’t control. I am going to trust this FEELING that I have been feeling.

I needed last night so bad. US needed last night so bad. I am so happy we got to enjoy each other again. You made me feel that blushing, giggling, tingle again. I missed that Tingle so bad. You released the butterflies that had been hiding in their cocoon for so long. I was fully feeling the LOVE last night. When I started to feel the anxious, heart racing, FEAR feeling setting in you immediately sensed it and chased my fears away with one of your, ‘relax baby, I’m here, I’m staying.’ whispers and the fear was sent right back to the shadows where it belongs. I fell into a sleep with thoughts of US on my mind. It was so strange to not have to toss & turn for hours before falling into a restless sleep. It was amazing to lay my head down, close my eyes, and fall asleep to the tingle of US.

I am waiting for our night to begin. I BELIEVE it will begin soon. I am going to finish up some things around the house while I can, before I am distracted for the rest of the night (:

Until we meet again my Moon. I love you….

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