The start of the Tingle…

Where do I begin? We were talking tonight. I didn’t think I wanted to, I still don’t know if I should have. I am so confused. Should I start this New Year with you? Or should I start my New Year, New and focus on me? You tell me everyday that you want this, that you ALWAYS wanted this. You tell me you love me every chance you get. It still takes my breath away, ridiculous I know, but absolutely true. When you say it unexpectedly it’s like you reached in and stole the air from my lungs, crazy, silly things start happening to me. The butterflies take over. Even now just putting it down I can feel the tingle start again. I have been trying to ignore the tingle. I miss it, I truly do but I feel like I need to ignore it because if I don’t it takes over. The tingle makes me forget about the anger, hurt, doubt, that I carry with me always. The tingle can literally melt it all away. It takes over everywhere, the tingle is A M A Z I N G and I am so stupid to fight it but I don’t think I can think correctly with it making everything feel so alive.

Okay sorry about that, I had to take a lil break and watch some Bachelor. This almost turned into a post from, (one of my fav’s, check her out, some of her post make me blush, I LOVE it). The world is still awake around me. I must ignore these feelings for now. I will write more later.

Farewell for now my Moon… Rawr…..

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