Wide awake, another sleepless night… I miss you.

It’s really starting to snow out now. It has been off and on for a few days but now, now its really snowing (: my favorite kind of snow the big huge feathery flakes that even though they are madly falling and wildly out of control from afar they look as though they are peacefully floating to the ground. I am in front of the window in the living room with the curtains wide, the blinds pulled all the way up even though I am freezing my ass off, and I love it. I am starting to feel that tingle of excitement that I feel when it snows. I haven’t felt it yet and I was sadly missing it, like I am missing you.

I miss you; I wish you were here to snuggle up with. I am trying to breathe in the love and release all of the ‘not so loving’ feelings. I miss you. I can’t sleep; I haven’t really been able to. I should try to now. I miss you, although I may have said that already.

Goodnight my Moon. Rawr

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