You say you like CrAzY. Let’s hope it’s true.

I’m amazed daily by your love, by you. I am still new to this love you show me. I am still struggling with how to process it. Trying to push you away whenever you show too much love because I start to panic, the air rushes from my chest and NOT in the good way, my pulse races and I immediately want to shut you out and stop the tingle. Fucked up I know. But that is me, crazy, broken, and oh so fucked up (: I love you too (: because I know you don’t care and love me anyways.

That is what is so ridiculous to me. That you love me, the ME that I don’t usually let people in on because you see past the broken and believe in me. You are starting to make me believe too. Thank you for that. I hope I can hold on to it. I hope I don’t push too hard and you get sick of trying and loving. Because I cant imagine existing on this big rock without you.

I miss you so much tonight. I miss you every night we are apart. Every minute really. Cheesy, I know but TRUE (:

Goodnight my Moon. I love you. I miss you. I can’t wait until morning.


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