Sleep is not on good terms with broken hearts. It will have nothing to do with them. ~Christopher Pike

I can’t sleep again. I hate it. When I do finally sleep it is so restless and nightmare filled I would rather be awake distracting myself looking up SomeEcards than being startled awake with tear stained cheeks and a racing heart. I often find myself being jerked awake from some crazy feeling or dream. It is horrible. Especially when I wake and you are not here, which is usually always.

I am still in a funk. I really want to fix my space bar tomorrow. I have so much I want to get out but this key is driving me batty. Hmmm… looks like I just found the next ‘internet search’ to keep me busy for a while. Maybe I can even find a YouTube video that SHOWS my dumbass how to do it (:

Goodnight my Moon. I miss you. I love you. I hope you are sleeping. I hope if I do fall to nap that I meet you in whatever dream you are having.

I love you Moon. Oh how I love you.


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