You can call me, She who walks with Crushed Spirit. And I love you. And this space ba r is a p i e c e of SHAT!!


Feeling a bit…

WhAt-ThE FuCk-EvEr

at the moment. And I have obviously been beating the shit out this here keyboard and the spacebar is giving me a FUCK YOU and sticking down constantly. How annoying. Wish I was more keyboard savvy (: I don’t think I am going to fix the spacebar issues because it is annoying me so much to keep                   backspacing.

See what I mean!!

Today sucked. Yesterday sucked. My spacebar sucks. What the fuck do we got going on tomorrow?  More sucky-ness I’m sure…

Goodnight my Moon. I lo v e you.I miss you. I wish this sb would fuckoff already!!Now it issticking down completely. Booooooo on it.


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