My Quote-O-Gram to you tonight Moon… Right back at ya baby.

Hey my Moon I miss you. I missed you throughout the day. I found myself often lost in ‘dream’ of Easter Sunday’s of a non existent future. They were amazing little blips that I needed today. I so wish I could would have stayed home snuggled in US and nothing but US, of course hiding out is not always a possibility so I trudged to moms in my jammies this morning to begin the days events. I won’t bore you with details this time, pinky (: I will just sum it up with a big Fuck You and have a Good night!

Back to US. I hope you are snuggled up sleepy land. I wish I could join you. I am so nervous about tomorrow that I don’t think I could sleep if I could. Is that worded correctly? Doubt it. I need to get out of this house. I need to start believing in me again. I need to get out of this dark pit that I have fallen in. I know that this started out as letters to you but I think this is slowly turning into some self-healing depression blog and I am struggling with that because I feel like I would be taking time away from US to write about ‘It’ but everything seems to turn to It anyways… so then I find myself in one of those fucked up loopty loops and that sucks. Because really no matter what I choose to write this blog is for US and no matter what stupid, ridiculous, scary, CrAzY, non-important, thing I have to say YOU would care. You would listen to every last silly noise I made and probably with that silly smile on your face. And that my dear is why I love you.

Putting in some Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones and hopefully meet you in your dreams soon my love.

Goodnight my Moon. I love you.

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