I want you to be real. I want US to be real. I hope you do too… Do you?

I miss you. Thank you for listening, or pretending to listen, tonight. I’m sorry we took so long to talk and listen to each other, we used to be so good at it. I’m sorry if you feel like you can’t talk to me anymore, please know that you can, no matter what. I will never judge you for the way that you feel. 

Hearing you say that you miss US and want US back ignites a spark in my soul. I miss US so bad. I tried as hard as I could to push US to the back and block the feelings but I don’t want to any longer. I want to work on US. I want to make US work. I hope that you mean what you say. I hope that you are not filling me full of bullshit. Please don’t be.


I wish you were here.

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