Mission Push Moon Away: Complete – insert broken heart/soul/being here… I’m sorry, I want you back. I’m yours forever.

I have always heard be careful what you wish for. I should have been told be careful when you PUSH…

I know that I was trying to push you away. I know that I said to leave me alone, that I wanted to be ME but I was wrong. I found who I want to be. And it is US. I want to be US. I have never wanted anything so bad before.

And it’s too late.

I pushed too hard.

I let too much crazy out.

And now I have to try to pick myself up off the floor, literally sometimes, and try to rebuild my broken soul.

I can do. I WILL do it.

I just don’t fucking want too.

I want you to pick me up, dust me off, kiss me, hold me, love me, fuck me, and never leave me again…

I miss you.

I love you.

I’m sorry.

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