Laying broken on the floor….


You did it. You broke me. You brought me to the floor in a crumpled pile of tears, snot, brokenness, and ALONE.

2013 was the year of US….

HOW?! How could you do this? After everything? All I confided in you…

Fuck off…
You’re not worth it.

Your lies aren’t worth it. And i deserve LOVE. Always. If I’m right next to you or thousands of miles away…
Remember? You’re the one who told me that… Asshole.

I’m never yours.

I was.

You just didn’t think I was worth it… I hope she was.

For the record… I loved you like I’ve never loved another. And i never will again.

I was your worth it! We were put here for eachother.

Damn you.

I’m so scared. How will i survive this? How do you go on living when the reason you were sticking around this big rock is no longer yours?
I can’t.

I won’t.

And there is no one this time to save me…

Fuck you.

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