There is not an ounce of believe left… Now what the hell do I do?


I’m failing. I’m losing all believe I had. I don’t know of I’ll get it back. I’m fearing I won’t.

I’m sorry.

I wish you all the best. I truly do. I just don’t think I’m the one for you.

I wish I believed still…

I’m so sorry. I miss your love already. The last few nights without you have been miserable, sleepless, and what little sleep I do drift into is so nightmare filled is rather be awake…

Enough whining for now I suppose.


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  1. Arisa

     /  January 31, 2015

    It will slowly get better. They say. Not sure if I believe it. But there are friends who will be with you along the way who understand. I do. Stay strong.


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