Missed you today… Pretty much spent the day fighting images of you trying sleep with someone else. Again. Boo.


I miss you.

I don’t know how to spend a weekend without seeing your face, hearing your voice or sleeping with you. It is difficult to not give you a play by play of the day or just getting a random call or text from you.

I can’t write anymore. I’m exhausted. I spent the day distracting myself by cooking up a storm.

Albondigas soup from scratch. Homemade Banh Mi sandwiches. And creamy cheesecake for dessert, also from scratch (:

I have fed just about every member of my family today. Pretty much made everyone take bites and then helpings were served. Yum.. yum. 

Miss you. Wish you were here. Can’t wait to cook for you in May. Still trying to believe in May. Not really it happening, not much believe over here right now.

Taking my negative and peace-ing out…


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