You broke everything… And nothing can ever be the same again.


Nothing is the same. I don’t feel anything anymore. There are tiny moments when, for some odd reason, I am able to feel the tiniest flutter of US. But there aren’t many of those moments anymore. 

There is no fixing US.

How do you force yourself to feel?

What doesn’t kill you… Makes you want to fucking die.

silly girl he doesnt care

I had this whole post I was going to write. I was going to pour my soul out but then I remembered that it doesn’t matter anymore. I remembered that you didn’t shed a tear. Oh, a few drops of baby juice maybe seeing as how you refused to put your dick down, but not a single fucking tear. Nice btw.

I basically broke up with you.

And you continued to jack off… Wow.

Thanks for that one.

I don’t know that you have ever made me feel less loved than you did today.

But hey, you got off so I’m sure you had a great fucking day.

Soul broken….

soon forget color of you eyes



What a terribly sad day this will be…

Fuck you, you fucking fuck… I’m going back to bed and hiding.


As usual I have a shit ton to say. But I have decided that I don’t think I will be spending my time writing to you anymore.

It used to be therapeutic for me to sit down and let out my everything to you. But now it just seems like I am wasting all these amazing emotions on someone who is nothing more than a liar and cheat (I’m sure you would deny, deny, deny, lie, lie, lie until you were blue in the face but I don’t really give a flying fuck about you anymore).

I’m going to try to spend my energy on something else entirely.

And it’s not going to be you. Or US.

And I guess you could say this is all your fault. I know that I am. But don’t worry. I take blame too.

I’m the fucking idiot who stuck around lie after lie to only be lied to again (:

Gee I’m glad I can see the humor in this. I may need to check back in and remind myself of how funny I find this. Especially when I’m having a moment of weakness.

I’m so mad I spent the time this am to find my dumb headset. I should have just fallen asleep and ignored the need to sleep with you. I could hardly keep my eyes open before I called.

After, well, let’s just say there was not much sleep for me.

You suck.

I hope you miss me.

I hope you hate you for losing me. I know I do…

My luck I would call you the night you’re not sleeping alone… I hate you.


I needed you. I always need you. But we don’t always get what we want. Unless we are taking about you, in that case you apparently get whatever it is you want with whoever it is you’re wanting it with.
It’s ok. I always knew, deep down, you were full of shit. Your countless lies, never ending excuses..
Ugh you make me sick.
I’m so glad I am finally seeing you for what you are.