Making it through in a foggy haze… barely.


It’s happening again… it’s that time of night, I’m starting to feel that tightness in my throat and that hurt in my chest.
It sucks.
Who can sleep when they can hardly take a breath?
This is where the sadness sets in because I start thinking about how you’re not experiencing any of this shit, you don’t have to wonder what I’m doing or who I’m with or why I would leave you or wonder if I’d ever be coming back because you chose this. You get to be with whoever you choose to be with, it’s just not me. You decided that forever was up and you were out of here…
We’re entering into the anger part of the night and frankly I’m just too fucking sad to get into that right now.
Right now all that matters is that I miss you, I miss being loved…
I’m checking out for the night. Soggy pillows make for the worst bed fellows…

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