You my dear are a wild thing… and I’ve surely given you my heart.


I’m trying to make it through the day. I’m back to writing here instead of turning to you. I’m trying to let you go but it’s so much easier said than done…

I can’t believe this is what you want. It’s breaking me even more that it’s so hard for me but so easy for you. It makes the hurt turn a bit to anger, I’m trying to hold onto the anger to make this easier but I’ve come to find out that no matter how angry I am with you it doesn’t take away or diminish the love that I have for you.

And that super sucks because I’ve yet to find away to make the love go away. You’ve seemed to find it so if you could shoot it my way it would be much appreciated.

I’m off to find some fun in the sun.

Fake it till you make it… bah

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