I’m trying to make it through this episode I am having. I am trying not to let it bother me that you are ignoring me yet again. I am trying not to let it drive me nutty that I know if I was anyone else on this planet you would respond to me. I am trying to not to think about how I am sure you are responding to her.

I am trying…

I am just not succeeding very well.

I know you think I am bluffing and that because I love you so much and so deeply that I would never leave.

But you’re wrong.

I will leave.

And I am going to leave soon if you don’t change the way you treat me.

If our plans for October fall through and it’s because you have continued to ignore and treat me shitty then I am done.

I am walking and I am never coming back.

So if that’s the case I hope you have found the someone better that you have been looking for because I will be gone.

I’m pretty sure you don’t care but I at least have to put it out there…

I mean it’s only the rest of my fucking life we’re talking about here.


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