What happens when the person you gave your everything to leaves taking your soul with them… you’re left just a shell of what you used to be.


Today is harder than ever to not reach out to you.

I no longer feel the need the way I used to but the want, well, the want is what is slowly killing me.

I know you don’t love/care/want me anymore.

My soul knows too.

But knowing does nothing to stop the pain/hurt/desire/want in me that craves for you every single second.

I just die a little more.

Knowing doesn’t stop the craziness in my head or the questions that beg to be answered.

All knowing does is tease me over and over again with the knowledge that you are in love with her/she’s with you/all the love, care, want, desire, need, lust, magic that you and I felt wasn’t enough to hold onto you and now you have that with her.



Why was my love not enough for you?

I can’t even imagine loving anymore than I did.

It’s not humanely possible.

I gave you everything…

But all that I am and all that I had wasn’t enough.

And that is what kills the most.

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