Because sometimes crying in the shower is the only thing that saves you.


I cried today, harder than I have in awhile, I cried for the loss of you (shocker I know but this was a different loss) I cried until there was nothing left, with the water so hot it feels cold I let the tears fall. Not only did I lose a lover when you left but I lost one of my best friends. If there was a time that I was happy or something great happened, you were the first one I wanted to tell. If I was sad or having a miserable day, you were the one I ran to because I could always count on you to brighten my mood. You held me while I cried and loved me when I needed it most.
Now there’s nothing.

You’re gone and there is nothing that will ever change that.

This is our end.

We are nothing.

And I’m nothing without you.

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  1. tracy

     /  December 31, 2014

    U r everthing and more i want u to know i miss u and love u i want so bad to see u


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