Sometimes… I can’t stop the tears no matter how hard I try.


Sometimes I still get super super sad.

Sometimes I get really mad.

Sometimes I cry.

Sometimes I still lie awake at night thinking about all the nights we shared and the ones we were supposed to share.

Sometimes I don’t think about US for hours at a time.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t know you existed in this world without me.

Sometimes I hope you hurt as bad as I do.

Sometimes I pray that someone breaks you the way you did me.

Sometimes I beg for you.

Sometimes I come for you.

Sometimes I long for you.

Sometimes I pretend like the ache I feel in soul from the loss of US will go away.

Sometimes I hope I don’t wake up.

Sometimes I cry and scream and beg that this all a really bad dream and when I wake up you will be there loving me like you were always supposed to.


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