You can find me in the shower tonight… Trying to survive.


I haven’t been posting lately. I’m baby stepping it as much as possible. I’m not pushing anyone away anymore. I’m taking life with each breath and trying to hold onto as much good as I can and trying my hardest to leave all the ugly, that’s the hardest part for me since I’m convinced I’m most of the ugly from us.

I can go days now without the hurt bringing me to my knees. I don’t wake every morning with tears on my pillow. I don’t see a future with you in it anymore,

I finally have accepted that wherever my life goes you are no longer a part of it. I have realized that you will never love or care about me the way i thought you would. I’m finally believing that I’ll survive without you. but that doesn’t make it hurt any less that all of the love i thought you had for me you’ve decided to give someone else. Hopefully she’s worth giving up the love that i had for you.

I’m sure she is.

She’s your forever right?

Remember that one time(gazillionbillion times) when you said I was your forever?

Silly me for believing you.

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