Made it through Saturday, you might call it Valentine’s Day. . That’s a day for lovers; no lovers here.


I made it thru valentine’s day without you.  I can’t stop thinking about the Twilight Woods body stuff you got me and if you still have it. Do you smell it and think of me?  I think of you almost every time i spray it and i wear it daily. . It’s the only thing I’ve worn for years now. Did you get sick of looking at it and empty the lotion out? Or did you keep it and give or to someone else?

You wouldn’t would you? Of course you would. You gave the love you promised me to someone else why not give her my body lotion. .


I’m so sad. 

I have been fighting looking at your Facebook to see if you’ve posted any new videos, it’s all i see on your page due to my rage filled unfriend, not my proudest moment, but i won’t key myself look. I’m terrified of what I’ll see.

You and her madly in love I’m sure and there is no way i could handle that.


Forever tortured.

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