Welcome to Ravings Of A Lonely Utah Man, and the 5 REAL Stages Of A Breakup From The Man’s Perspective

36 hours is all i had to win you back. . But i didn’t even find out for almost 36 weeks and you’d already fallen in love with her.

I never had a chance.


Utah man where were you a year ago? Darn it. Better late than never. At least now I’m schooled for the future.


Ravings Of A Lonely Utah Man

What I am going to tell you is that I’m someone who’s been way too lonely for way too long. This is a sort of online journal for my (mis)adventures in trying to heal a broken heart. I say (mis) because, let’s face it, I’m a guy and so I’ll probably fuck this up at least 20 times before I get it right. But, hey, there’s an upside for you in this, because you get to see it all play out more or less as it happens!

So, let’s start at the beginning.

My ex-girlfriend and I broke up in October. I moved out, found my own place, and life moved on. Unfortunately for me, I met a really, REALLY great woman immediately after. Like, that same week.

What I saw...
What I saw…

Who thought I…

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  1. Thank you very much for the repost. I was beginning to feel like I’d lost my writing mojo all together, so thanks for the boost. 😀

    Reading through a couple of your posts, it sounds like you’ve been through one hell of a wringer. It also sounds like your former man was a complete douchenozzle and you loved (love?) him anyway. 36 MONTHS? Really?? Fucking REALLY?!?! Seems to me like you played it straight and he took full advantage, the kind of guy Katt Williams would call a “bitch n***a.”

    Let me tell you about guys like that, having been one once upon a time, to my ongoing shame: They’re not sorry they did it. They’re sorry they got caught and they actually do feel bad for the hurt it caused you and your kids. Just not bad enough to stop. So he gets a few drinks in him, gets to feeling bad and feels a need to try to make amends. It can’t be done, but he tries, less for the sake of your feelings than to try to make himself feel better.

    He’s a piece of shit. Scrape him off your shoe, hire a babysitter, put on your slinkiest black dress and your sexiest, raciest, most barely-there set of panties and put yourself back out there. Play the field, have some fun and get LAID. The right guy will come (no pun intended), but there’s not a damn thing wrong with you doing YOU for a while and having a few orgasms you don’t have to DIY either.

    I saw a great piece of advice the other night on a meme site: “Don’t be sad when you see your ex-lover out with someone else. Mom always taught you to give your used toys to the less fortunate.” You know what he’s about, and maybe he’ll change for her. Either way, you didn’t mean enough to him to change his ways, so he shouldn’t mean enough to you to keep wasting your tears or your heart on.

    I hope this helps, at least a little. 🙂



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