Can barely keep my eyes open. . Until i put my head on the pillow. FML


Dear Universe,

I’m feeling blank.

I have so many thoughts that I think are finally fighting to get out but I can’t for the life of me sort through them enough to get anything out that would make any sense.

I am sad to report that I have had a few more bouts of utterly missing Moon but even though they are happen they don’t last long, thank goodness.

It was getting easier to forget and move on from Moon but for some reason lately it has been like it’s 200 steps back.

Maybe it’s because his birthday is approaching and I’m having anxiety over how I’m not supposed to spend the day celebrating Moon and making the day about him.. I’ve done that for years now, we have spent every birthday of his together or at least spend a day celebrating him, and we always celebrated in the best ways possible..

I don’t want to remember Moon anymore.

I don’t want to be reminded of him every day in May for the rest of my life.. But I’m going to be because a part of US lives in my soul and that part will always celebrate the life of Moon.

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