Haters gonna hate, hate, hate. I’m just gonna… write about it. And then shake it off.


Dear Universe,

I’ve been getting a lot of hate on here lately. I don’t let half the hate thru but some of it makes it thru anyways.

I don’t understand why or how anyone would want to hate on someone who fell so madly/deeply in love with another and then had to live through that other walking away.

Who spreads that kind of hate onto someone?

I don’t even wish the kind of hurt that I have felt on anyone. No one.

So why would someone want to name call and belittle someone for still hurting LESS THAN A YEAR after a devastating event has happened to them?

I won’t and don’t feel bad for hurting for Moon.
I loved him.

I thought he loved me.

We spent years together building and planning a life together..

I have a list that goes on and on (3 years worth actually) but I don’t feel like defending the love that I have for someone..

It was my love.

It is my love.

I will never defend feeling love.

I will never regret feeling hurt.

I will be am a better person because of the way/depth I was able to love Moon and how I was able to overcome the loss of him.

I will never stop hurting for Moon. But I will have learned to accept and live with it.

I will forever look for his light, he lit a piece of my soul and US will eternally own that piece.

There will never be a time in existence that I don’t love Moon.


But I will love again.

I won’t love the way I loved Moon, I couldn’t there is only one Moon, but I will allow myself to love another just as deeply, someday.

I’m in no rush for that day.

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  1. Some ppl may not understand u or any of this. Therefore may hate it and call it words. Let them be. Only who go through this know how much it takes to try and hold on. Keep writing.. One day, I hope that day comes soon.. *fingers crossed*

  2. La maman de petit de rayon solaire

     /  May 29, 2015

    Ignore those who hate, and pray in grace that they never experience this soul draining abysmal hell. I am so glad that I found your blog, as I now feel less alone knowing there is someone who understands what I’m feeling right now, and has overcome it. Your writings may have saved my sanity. I have hope now that there is an end, and I will eventually find it, even though it doesn’t feel possible yet.


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