180 Days Later…

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  1. There is always that one for all of us. My mother stayed with her one even though he was abusive and in the end tried to kill us both. She still asks why I didn’t let him… I have found my one… And even though he assures me it will never happen, a cold dread often plagues my dreams it will. Death doesn’t hold the fear the pain of that does for me. And I have faced death in the face… I read your pain, and that of others. You are a survivor of something no one should ever endure. And you should always be proud of that. Even on the days it hurts the most. Because even if it feels it feels like it is destroying you, think of the sheer power you hold within you, to take yet another step forward. I admire you. You are a strong soul who faces the pain, faces it without turning away from it… It takes the strongest courage to do that. Never let anyone tell you different. And whoever Moon was, lost something far more then he knew. One day he will recognize that when a woman does to him what he has done here. And he shatters.


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