Another broken hearted V-Day… Shocker.

Dear Universe,

Some how I ended up parked in our spot, in what is honestly one of the “hard days” of a year with a broken heart and a soul ache that just don’t stop..

I haven’t text him yet. I did slip up, (literally my finger swiped right on his name) and called but I am not even mad honestly because I heard his voice on his voicemail. Oddly, (or terrifyingly stalkerish to some) just hearing his voice took a tiny bit of hurt out of my heart and calmed it.

He has always had that affect on me, even in our darkest times He brought me calmness.

Maybe that’s why I’m parked here, trying to soak up any tiny bit of us that may be left behind in this universe.

I looked up and a hummingbird flew up right in front of me, flittered around and I know coming here was the right thing to do today.

I’m not ready to let go of my love for Him completely, and honestly don’t think I ever will be. But I can find comfort in his happiness, even with out me.

And that’s how I know I was meant to love him, forever.

Even from a far.

I can be his biggest supporter and fiercest fan, I’ll just do it from the side lines, hidden in the crowd.

I’m not saying all is fixed and it’s better. But I know that it will be.

Typing this, the sun peaked out and is shining bright on me to say the Universe agrees.

Happy Friday the 14th ya’ll.

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