I can’t believe it’s been a fcking year! How can it be? It seems like 10 minutes and 10 decades all at once.. It’s shocking the difference a year makes.


Dear Universe,

Wow, how did we make it to where we are today?

We fucking made it, and that is what matters most.

It has been a long, long, twisted, dark, scary road but we made it through the darkest and scariest parts. Alive. Alone.

And I am still breathing. I don’t even have to remind myself to do it anymore lol.

I don’t want to spend much time talking about Moon but I think seeing as how this place started out dedicated to him I guess it’s the place to put that I go longer than ever imagined without thinking of Him, and I rarely (if ever) cry over Him anymore.

That being said I have had the craziest fucking year of my life and it’s still just starting… oh my..

I have had people leave my life, some re-enter (a few of those only to leave again), I’ve met new people.. but most importantly I have allowed myself to focus on me.

I have let myself feel hurt and loss in a way that I don’t think many can.

I have always said that ‘here’ (this blog) has really only been just a tiny piece of my crazy mosaic of a life; it just also happened to be one of the most important and deepest connnections I’ve ever experienced.

But literally this was only one little sliver of my reality. I had to deal/feel/hurt/grieve for not only the love that I shared with Moon but also continue to nurture and care for and also deal with so many other things. I’m not proud to say that I neglected so many things in the very beginning of ‘the end’, I mostly neglected myself but I was frequently known to not return email/text/calls in a timely manner, if at all. I pushed away everyone, even the few who seemed to understand or at least not judge.

For months I would consider myself a walking zombie. I literally did the motions I needed to do to survive. Well, mostly what my littles needed from me to survive because really lets face it I was simply here because they need me and for no other reason at all. They saved me in so many ways, more than I even want to think about. Things were very dark here for a long time. But in the year that it has been since this blog post was written I have come leaps and bounds.

I actually spent a little bit reading the posts from the time this all started a year ago. It was so strange to read back, I have no memories of writing anything I read; it was like I was reading someone else’s story and even though I had tears streaming down my face, and they were sad tears, they were tears that were not for the loss of Moon; I can’t remember a time I didn’t cry for Moon, instead I was crying for the loss of the love that was created, not for the loss of Him. I had an immense amount of sadness for a love that (in my opinion) deserved to be nurtured and allowed to flourish into a love that is only dreamed of.

I don’t know if I feel anything for him anymore. I honestly haven’t thought about it. I know that I feel sad for him. I am sad that there was someone out there that was able to love so deeply and truly but yet he will never know that love. (please don’t misread that like I don’t think he will find love, I don’t need any hate mail, I simply mean he wont know this particular love and the depths to which it was rooted). I’m sad that for so many years he had to fake a love/relationship and put so much time into something that was nothing. I’m sad that he won’t be a part of my life. I’m sad for the loss of a friendship & connection that was meant to last a lifetime. I’m sad that the Moon I thought existed was as much a figment of my imagination as the Man in the Moon.

I’m hoping someday soon I will be able to find the time to write again. I find so much comfort in it. I miss being able to get my crazy out. I have so much of at times it seems.

I’m not seeing that time coming in the near future, especially since I’ll be starting classes in a month, I’m in the process of moving, & trying to ‘not push away’ the one person who shows me love on a daily basis (please send good juju/pray/dance naked in the woods/light a candle/cast a spell(only good ones please)/make a wish,do whatever it is that you do for me so that I don’t fuck this up, I don’t let my broken push away anyone good & also that I don’t let in anymore bad. Thank you!) even though I tell him how broken I am. He makes me smile, from that deep in your soul place.. Okay I don’t want to jinx anything or make it seem like something more than it is; simply 2 souls connecting and enjoying the time while doing so..

I haven’t done a zero-dark-stupid wee hours of the am post in quite some time. And I really fucking miss it!

Oh yea, one of those kind of nights again… Fck. This blows.


I can find a tiny bit of comfort in the fact that soon there will be very few ‘new’ reminders of you popping up. As of right now I have spent so many years making US a part of my life and it has taken quite sometime to rid myself of the reminders.

I’m sure there will be some sort of reminder pop up of US from time to time for always but soon there will be no more reminders of things we had planned together, things that were coming in the future and we had planned to do them together.

The one coming up soonest is Fifty Shades.

You started reading it with me. I will always think of you when I hear that movie or book. I know you will be too busy making new memories to be reminded about old memories we had made but `I doubt I will be so lucky.

The yucky is setting in when I start to think about all of the things you will promising her and how you promised me the same and so much more.

If it means so when you say it to her why was it different when you said it to me?

How can you vow yourself to someone else when you’ve already done the same to me? Why are you willing to keep your promises to someone else but the ones you made me were disposable?

She deserves more than I? She’s better for you? You’ve more in common with her? Oh booger why bother. .

I know.

It doesn’t matter.

Move on.

Give up.


You’re gone. Like really gone. I feel nothing… But in brighter news you will be spending all of your time with a teenager. That you fell in love with but kinda forgot to let me in on (I’m gonna go puke, again).

feel so empty



Everything has changed.


There will be no more US (I have been doing really good most of the day until I typed that out, now my palms are sweaty, the tears are streaming down my face, the sobs are choked up in my throat, my heart is racing, and I can’t take a fucking breath) ever again.

 I can’t fucking believe it.

 I am sick and destroyed beyond belief.

 There is only one other time in my life that I have been this devastated and it was the day my grandma died and every day after for months.

But this time someone I loved with every ounce of my being wasn’t ripped from arms because of death.


They walked away. Directly (and I mean that pretty fucking literal) into someone else’s arms and barely even looked back as I lay crumpled on the floor (again literal here) feeling like I have had my soul ripped out of my body (literal, you get the point I’m sure).

You did kinda look at me for a second and say you were sorry.


Are you fucking serious? You’re sorry? What exactly are you sorry for? Last night when we said our goodbye (which is a whole fucking post in it’s self, and will be written just not sure published) I promised to not be mean, rude, or cruel but this is my blog and shit is about to get real…

Are you sorry for…

Lying and cheating on me for 8 months?

Looking me in the eyes and telling me you loved me and wanted me forever, less than 3 days ago?

Falling in love with a teenager?

Comparing said love to the love that you and I have shared and created?

Falling in love with a teenager? Oh, right I asked that one already, it’s pretty high on my list of questions I would like answered. Obviously.

Acting like I don’t exist?

Turning the most beautiful love story ever written, that could never have been written without the two of US, into ‘Just some chick you USED to date’? (this one actually brought me to the ground. Outside. In my backyard. Pathetic I know)

Ignoring me?

Being heartless?

Making love to me for hours (again less than 3 days ago) day after day but not mean one second of it?

Using me?

Taking my love for granted?

Letting some teenage kids harass me and joke about my love for you?


Sorry, I’m apparently a bit bitter/hurt/destroyed/broke/empty/irate/angry/sad/dead.

I don’t even know where or what I was saying before that.

I can’t keep a straight line of thought at all.

I should be working. I was on my way there. Until I had to rush home and race to the bathroom to throw up the salad I thought after 48 hours, omg I can’t believe it has been that long… this may be worse than I though, I should try to eat.

So obviously I’m not at work.

I’m here with my coconut water and computer pouring out every last bit of US that remains inside, or trying to at least.

I can tell you I woke up this morning and felt something I have not felt since before I met you, empty. The real empty. I don’t know how else to explain it other than the fire inside of me that burned for US went out. You finally extinguished the last burning embers of US that remained inside and this morning, waking up after saying our goodbe, I could no longer feel the fight inside of me. Oh, I still feel the hurt and the pain but I don’t feel the burning desire to fight for US anymore. It’s almost like my soul knows that there is no more US to fight for and finally gave up. It is one of the saddest feelings I have ever experienced. I honestly thought I would feel that fire forever. I thought that there would never be a time that there wasn’t a burning desire in the pit of my soul to fight for US.

But it’s gone.

I don’t feel it.

I don’t feel anything really. I feel hurt. I feel sorrow. I feel more alone and empty than I could have ever imagined. The parts of US that lived in my soul were just enough that I could always feel them and be reminded that there was something to fight for.

Now that is gone.

There is nothing left to fight for.

I have let you go.

It finally happened.

And I’m so fucking scared I can hardly breathe. I don’t sleep. I can’t eat. I can’t stop thinking about how there is a lifetime left and I don’t get to look into your blue eyes, or kiss the dragon on your arm, or run my hands down your chest, or call you when I have a bad day, or run to you when I’m hurt, or hear you laugh, or see you smile, I don’t get to hear your voice, I don’t get to hear you call me pretty eyes, I don’t get to hear you say you love me, I don’t get to feel your love wrap around me and make everything else in the universe not matter, I don’t get to wake up in the middle of the night and fall back asleep knowing you’re there, I don’t get the happily everafter that you promised me.

I don’t get anything.

But you get her.

You get all of those things with her.

A kid, that I have had my period longer than she has been walking this fucking earth, gets all of the things that you spent YEARS promising and begging me to believe in.

This has to be a fucking joke right?

Like at some point, and I hope pretty fucking soon, someone is going to knock on my door and say that I was on a reality show to test the strength of my love for you. And that I won. Obviously.


I mean if that is the case they can stop this sick show and give me my Moon back.

Because I don’t know how much longer I can even exist without him…


He’s not mine anymore. This isn’t just some sick disgusting reality show.

It’s real fucking life.

And it’s mine.

And you’re some little girls now.

You didn’t he want to let her go long enough to really give US his all. You never even stopped talking to her like you said you did. I was so fucking stupid to trust you over and over and over again while you lied to my face making me look like the stupid bitch ever.

How could you do this?

How could you take the love that I gave you, from the depths of my soul, and use it like this?

For the last 8 months I have been nothing to you but a cum dumpster.

And I’m pretty sure that is why I can’t keep anything down.

This is never the ending that I thought I would write to our Love Story.

You walking away willingly and without regret/remorse/sadness is not something I ever in a zillion fucking eons could have imagined.


But you did.

All for a little girl who spends her days watching Disney movies and quoting bands…

And now I have a whole lifetime to accept it.






I think you need reminding of us… before you toss us away forever.



I wasn’t able to go longer than about 36 hours without contacting you.


I even reactivated my Facebook account.

Even more pathetic…

And then I spent a lot little bit of time looking through your photos and youtube songs…

I am pretty sure little parts of me were dying the whole time.

I miss your face so much.

I miss your smile.

I miss your blue eyes.

I miss your laugh.

I miss your sexy whisper.

I miss sleeping with you every night.

I miss waking up and you being there.

I miss our middle of the night/early morning love making sessions only to fall back asleep together.

I miss the way no matter what kind of day I had or how I was feeling, seeing/hearing you made everything better.

I miss the way I used to do the same for you. I miss how you used to come to me after a hard day and we would try to make it better together and how no matter how our night started it always, always, always ended in each others arms…

I miss how we used to be there for each other. I loved that if you were upset or needing something you came to me and I was able to be there for you.

(I don’t think when I started this post tonight I was going to list all of the things from you I miss but since I let my fingers and soul do the talking here apparently that is where we are going, for now…)

I had to take a break and step away from the computer because I was getting stuck in the misery of life without you.

I broke down and text you while I was at work today.

You responded.

I couldn’t believe it.

I was shocked.

I had to walk off the floor for a few minutes because there was no way to stop the tears that sprang to my eyes.

I always end up showing you the ugliest sides of me because it is so hard to be anything but 100% real with you. I can’t even try to fake it with you.

I’ve tried.

I don’t think I do a very good job with it.

I’m gonna stop this post for now.

I have to try to find something to distract myself with before I go insane.

I miss you.

I’m sorry I can’t stop loving you.

I’m trying….

I started this post 2 days ago. Since then so much has happened yet nothing has changed.

I’m writing from my phone tonight and it sucks. I need the keyboard to fly thru all this but I’m too tired to sit up.

You broke me more than ever.

You say things that no person who cared about someone would say to me… you laugh at my love and the hurt I feel.

You allow little kids to mock my love and joke about how broken I am. I don’t think I will ever recover from that. I know you don’t care but I do and I need to start doing a better job of it.

You compare my love to that of a little girl and what a slap in the face that is. She doesn’t know you or how to love you.

You told me you don’t know what you want. You might want to be alone.

And then you said something that will haunt me for the rest of my days…

You told me you wanted to see if there was something better for you out there.

I actually hit the floor for that one.

Pathetic I know.

How do I respond to you wanting to find someone better?

This is fucking planet earth, of course there is someone better than me out there.

There’s billions of us and for me to think there is no one better than me out there would be ignorant and arrogant.

But I can confidently say there is no one better for YOU than ME.

I told you, after puking/crying/hyperventilating/breaking, that if you chose to see if there w

as someone better for you out there that I fully supported it but I would NEVER EVER EVER take you back.


We spent the rest of the night making love. You begged me to look you in the eyes most of the time. You told me over and over how much you loved me. How sorry you were. How you wanted to be there in the morning.

You kept me up until we had no choice but to sleep because our bodies had been exhausted.
Falling asleep with you was exactly what I remember.

We woke up this morning and continued where we’d left off. Spent more time together before work you said you loved me and that was it.

I text you a few times today. You read them but didn’t respond.

Then you did.

But no I love you. I’m thinking of you.


And here I sit.




And you may just be sleeping.

But I’m pretty sure at some point before that happened you spent time with that kid. Whether you text get off talk to her I’m sure it as something…

I need to just walk away.

Because maybe, just maybe, I’m the one who needs to look for someone better…

Now, I only have to convince my soul to listen to my head.


I’m back to writing on here like a mad woman.

I’m running out of ways to distract myself.

I’ve tried Insatgram but I am so sick of how everyone on there has this picture fucking perfect life.

I tweet like I’m a fucking song bird.

I’ve been cleaning and cooking like a 50’s housewife.

And still you are in every fucking thought I have.

I can’t stand it.

I have to pretend like I’m not empty without you all while trying to portray to everyone else that I am full of life, love, and all things happy.

It’s fucking exhausting.

I want to scream to everyone, ‘Hey assholes! I’m fucking dying here! My soul has been shattered and my heart has been destroyed. I don’t want to put one foot in front of the other or take in my next breath. I am dead on the inside people! The mascara, lip gloss, sunglasses & smile you see or fake! I’m not really feeling anything. I’m literally trying to convince myself to stay on this earth. So I’m sorry if I don’t respond to your texts or calls. I’m not really living and I don’t believe in anything anymore.’

But I don’t.

I just smile while everyone’s looking. I laugh when they are listening and snap out of it when they are watching.

The whole time being fucking dead on the inside.

Sounds like a great life.

Can’t wait to live a lifetime of this.



I’m trying to pretend like I’m not empty inside.

I’m trying to smile on the outside while being dead on the inside.

I’m trying not to let the pain from losing you bring me to my knees, in front of people.

I’m trying to convince myself that life without you is worth living.

I’m not doing a very good job.

I die every second we aren’t together… And you don’t even notice that I’m gone.

just like that

I haven’t called or text you all day.

Did that stop the thoughts of you from running through my head constantly?


I literally had to stop myself from reaching out to you all day. Every second I think of you.

And it kills me that you don’t ever think of me.

It kills me that you are just fine living the rest of your life without me.

Were you relieved today that I was not bothering you?

Did it feel good to not have to avoid my call/text all day long? Did you even notice that I haven’t called?

Have you thought about me at all today?

Do you ever think about me?

Do you think about what life is like without me and does it make you happy?

Are you excited to live the rest of your life without me?

I spent the day concentrating on putting one foot in front of the other so that I wouldn’t stumble and fall. I focused on taking in deep breaths so that I wouldn’t forget to breathe. I constantly had to talk myself out of contacting you and tried to distract myself from thinking of you and how I would survive the next few seconds without you.

How will I survive a fucking lifetime more?

Will I?

Do I even want to?

It doesn’t matter if I want to or not because I have to.

You decided to live without me and now I have to learn how to live each second without feeling anything but dead and empty.

I miss you every fucking second of every fucking day and I will for ever.

I love you.

I’m yours.

I’ve decided breathing is overrated… Oh, and I Darla’d you to death.

can i ask you something


So much has gone on recently.

My drafts folder is full.

I don’t post my crazy or hurt here anymore.

I’m convinced you don’t care anyway.

All my posts do now is show you how pathetic I am without you. You get to see how fucking in love I am with you and how alone I am without you.

I can’t stop thinking about a whole fucking lifetime without you.

I can’t breathe when I think about it so I try to avoid it at all costs but there is always something that makes me think of you. Always. I’m pretty sure I could survive in the highest of altitudes at this point due to how well I can maintain on less and less.

I think I loved you too much.

Can you believe that?

I am like the crazy little redheaded girl in Finding Nemo, Darla?!

I fucking loved you too much and it pushed you away.

I’m sorry.

I don’t know what to say. I have never felt a love like ours before. I have never before been so consumed by something that I felt like I should fight with my everything to keep it.

It’s scary.

It’s pathetic.

To call what I have for you love is not even really doing it justice. It is so much more than love. I feel like I love you with a part of me that is indescribable. I feel like you are my soul. I feel like my soul was made from your soul. I feel like our souls are one and the same.

I was so convinced you felt it too.

I was willing to give anything for it.

And this my friends is why I don’t post anymore and I leave them all in the drafts folder. Because it doesn’t matter. No one cares. I have to spend a lifetime thinking about something that made me feel so alive while it slowly kills me…

How fucking unfair is that?

What kind of a life is that? Is the quality of that life worth living?

Fck the pain away… anyone.


I am breaking.

You don’t care.

I don’t either.

I’m pretty much just a shell now.

There is nothing left of me but my physical self.

I sit in a room full of people but I’m not really present. I’m stuck inside my head repeating your hurtful words over and over while at the same time trying to breathe/not cry/hold it together in front of everyone. I pull out my phone and pretend to scroll through instagram just to distract myself. It only lasts a few minutes before I have to just walk out. I can’t hold the tears in any longer.

I’ve spent the day thinking of how in the last few months I have pushed away any male that has tried to get close to me. I’ve been too scared about feeling guilty like I’m betraying US. I’ve been too concerned about not wanting to give them the wrong impression so I let them know I’m not available, that my heart is not whole. I push them away as well as their compliments.

I have nothing to offer anyone.

I gave my heart to you and you shattered it.

I gave you my soul and you killed it.

I’m just a walking corpse now.

So I guess I am available if all they want is to fuck me.

That’s all I have to give them anyway.