Because of you and the love you have shown me…

I miss you.

I’m leaving for the weekend. I am hoping to leave my troubles, sorrow, pain, and all the other bullshit I am feeling home, I don’t want it to follow me this weekend. I need a break from it.

I don’t know how you hide from a part of your soul missing but I am going to try. I am going to try to let the water, heat, sun, and smiles (I hope there are smiles) wash over the pain and sadness I feel every day, minute, second that you are not here.

I love you.

It’s not about fixing, there is NOTHING to fix anymore. Now US was just a lesson learned… This could be why I can’t breathe.

Nothing is also what I have to say today. It’s out to the sun to have fun again with my two fav little people. Thank god for them. They save me.

I miss you.

Are you Irish? I can’t remember. I hope so because I don’t have any Irish IN me…

Found this on this blog. Super cute (:

I miss you. I love you. Hope you are enjoying your drinks tonight my Moon. Perhaps I will ‘see’ later… (:

Goodnight my Moon. I love you. Thank you for this morning.

I’m bored… So I made an Album Cover. You can too… unless, you have a life.


The Swords of Lankhmar

And, we’re ALL going to die

I was a bit bored and didn’t feel like battling any demons tonight. So I found this fun, time consuming, activity to partake in on this lovely blog here (:

I miss you. I can’t wait for tomorrow… Goodnight my Moon.

Want to make your album cover? Ok, well the deal is:

1) Go to Wikipedia. Click on Random Page. This is your band’s name.

2) Choose a number between 3 and 7, inclusive. Go to Google searching for Random Quotes. Randomly click on an entry on the first page, and once on the page, go down the number you picked. That’s your quote. Choose consecutive words anywhere in that quote equal to the number you picked. That’s your album title.

3) Go to Google again and insert the words you didn’t use for your album title. Search for images. Choose the third picture on page 2. That’s your album pic.

4) Go to Picnik. Edit together your picture, band name and album title. There’s your album cover!