I don’t see US ever having a night like I’ve had… I see a lot more loving than spitting and fighting for US.


I want to write. I want to tell you about all of the horrible things that He did to me tonight. I want to tell you about how he spit in my face and called me a whore…

But I don’t have the energy. I am so tired that I can only think about curling up and falling asleep to some Pretty Little Liars, yes I am Netflix addicted, dreaming of being in your arms.

I miss you so bad it hurts. I am so thankful for your love. I am so thankful for you.

I will try to find more time to write this weekend. I’m hoping to be able to have some down time. I’m going to need it after my 11 hour day tomorrow): SUPER SAD FACE

I can’t wait to write all about May (((: EXTREME UBER EXCITED FACE

I love you. I miss you. I’m so happy to see your face every day.

I’m yours. Forever.


#TrueStatement… If only He knew.

HE walked by the other night while I was online and somehow noticed moon lover in the corner of the screen, the teeny tiny top right hand corner of the laptop screen. How he ever noticed I will never know but he did and he goes,

‘Oh, moon lover… Is that you?’

To which I of course replied, ‘Huh-uh.’  

And He says… ‘Oh, too bad ‘cuz I think that would be a good name for you.’ and continues past to go watch some game on TV.

Am I going to hell?  

Does it really fucking matter if I’m only trying to survive as it is?