I could use about a million more mornings like today. I miss you.

Thank you for this morning. Thank you for still being here. Thank you for not giving up but giving space. Thank you for being my Moon….

I love you.

Magical Moon filled ‘multiple’ make-up’s, throw in some Mufasa’s and a great case of the Mmmmmmm’s and that my dear is the recipe for an A M A Z I N G Monday.


Oh my, we made up for yesterday. Well, YOU made up for yesterday. I missed you. I love you. I am so thankful that you continue to love, care and fight for US. Thank you for sticking around through everything. I thought I was going to have this HUGE post tonight but US has other plans and I am so okay with that! I am, for once (: not complaining. We will have to mark this one on the calendar.

I love you. I can FEEL how much you love me. Pretty much Amazing-ness all around (: and THAT my dear is something worth KEEPing…