Let’s try this again. . Posting a few days later.


Dear Universe,

Twice in one day huh? I might be spoiling ya.

I can’t sleep.

I’m currently not ‘not sleeping’ somewhere other than my bed, staring off into a dark room, and I have my laptop available so the fingers they are a flying…

I don’t really have anything to say but that is how so many of my posts begin.

I put in a post earlier about how I usually only write about one part of my life here, Moon. I have spent so long making this a place for US that it feels so awkward to write about anything else here but I am hoping that with time it will become easier. Hopefully with time it wont feel like I’m being untrue to Moon.

Okay lets talk about that for a second.

When will I not feel like I am doing something behind Moons back or that I am being unfaithful to him? Will I ever? Is that a normal feeling?

Or am I truly batshitcrazy now?

It took months to have a conversation with someone and not feel like I was cheating on Moon. Seriously. How fucking funny is that btw… Months after he finally told me he didn’t love me anymore I’m still feeling like I’m being dishonest and unfaithful to someone that didn’t give a rats ass about being honest with me. Batshitcrazy again I think..

But anyways..

It is getting less and less. I’m able to have conversations with males and not feel bad after. I’m finally able to accept compliments from people and truly believe that they may be sincere.

I just don’t know when or if I will be able to write about them here. I’m hoping this slowly turns into MY place instead of just a place for US.

Okay well the bed is calling my name so I am going to try to pass out..

Wish me luck.

I’m only human… And I crash and I breakdown.


Dear Universe,

I don’t usually take the mean/hurtful/rude comments on here to heart because usually it’s just some crazy hater who has read one or two of my posts and has decided that I am wasting my time or I am crazy blah blah blah and I really could care less.

But I received a comment recently about how I am wasting my time on someone from years ago who never loved me and wasn’t The One blahfuckityblah blah…

And that comment got me to thinking, btw Jimmy Jams if you had read anything you would know that I have already come to terms with the fact that Moon wasn’t my One and that he never loved me and I completely wasted my time/energy/love/caring/friendship, what I am having a hard time coming to terms with is that even though all of those things were true on his part everything on my part was real.

So even though everything we have already stated above is true, it doesnt make it any fucking easier to accept the fact that I spent years of my time/energy/love/caring/friendship on the someone who was all of the terrible things that you mentioned above. And he may have checked out over a year ago but he only told me last summer that he was done. So it has not even been a year of me learning how to live a life that is not the life I had spent the previous 3 years living.

What exactly is the time limit on grieving the loss of a relationship?

Is there a time limit?

Because I was not aware that there was one.. I am simply trying to keep both of my feet firmly planted on this 3rd fucking rock from the sun. And to do that I write about one small aspect of my life here. I don’t feel like any time I spend on this blog is time wasted because without it I might not still be here. I am so all over the place with emotion right now because part of me wants to defend the love that I will always have for US and the other part of me is screaming to just walk away and leave it, to ignore any and everything US and just let it be what Jimmy Jams said it was, wasted time. But I also want to defend it and yell about how at one moment in time it was the realest/truest/rawest love you could ever imagine and that it is worth grieving for a lifetime.

I can’t though.

What was… was.

It is no more.

Now, now I am just learning how to smile again. I’m trying to accept all that life has for me. Good/bad/ugly.. I’m taking it one step at a time. Depending on myself. Relying on me. Needing no one. It is very liberating. And more terrifying than one can imagine.

I slept every night with Moon.

For years.

If I reached out to him or him to me, it was a given that the other was there.


For years.

There was never a shortage of love from Moon. He was the most amazing at making me feel like we were indestructible.

He wrote me things like this:

The story of us would probably be a man, me, who is madly in love with this fantastic woman, you.

At first I had no clue that you were the one I wanted to be with until we started talk outside of the people we hung out with. But after awhile I started to see and realize that a lot of the things that you were going through I was going through, like the people that helped us through most of or lives we have lost and how there are so many other ways we are alike, like watching movies together, we both are amazing cooks, love snuggling up with each other, and how amazing you made me feel but was scared too say or do anything at first. Because every time I seen you I had butterflies in my stomach because all I wanted to do was talk to you. So I finally got the guts to talk to you and I thought that this woman is so great and makes me laugh and that I could hang out with you more often so we did. That was one of the most wonderful things that have happened to me.

After awhile we started watching movies and hanging out with just us. What started off as just friends turned in too something so much more. I started to have strong feelings about you although you warned me that we shouldn’t go down this road.

I didn’t care.

I knew that I was falling madly in love with you and never wanted to give up! We have been through so much that I could not just give up on you and US.

You are my sun, my stars, and of course my moon.

I know you probably think I am crazy!!!! But not having you in my life makes me feel so empty. Having you in my life is like climbing the highest mountain and screaming at the top of my lungs “I did it!!”. I never ever want to turn back or start over with someone now because of you and how you make me feel!!!!! =)

I love you so much, I would want nothing more than to be the man of your life and love you like a wonderful and fantastic woman should be loved in a relationship.

I love you so much.


Those were HIS FUCKING WORDS!! He wrote them out and sent them to me.

And then.. Gone.

It has been so hard to not immediately run to someone else..

There have been times that I wish I could just fill Moons place with someone else, just plop them in and make them everything that he was to me, but I can’t.

I don’t want to.

I could go on for days all of a sudden but I am being interrupted. Lucky you.

Until next time Universe…

It’s been fun I’m sure. Ha

Letter 1 to the Universe. ..


Dear Universe,

Sometimes I just want him back. . I just want a few more minutes/hours/days/weeks to soak up all the US that would last a lifetime.

Sometimes I just want to be reminded that I didn’t make him up. I can’t remember his voice and that makes me panic because maybe I imagined all the love I felt.

Sometimes I think that there will never be another soul that awakens the parts of me that Moon did. I imagine a life where the body I’m with doesn’t do a thing to connect with my soul,  and maybe that is because Moon always will own the power that ignites my soul.

Please let me sleep. .


Oh how reality crashes. .


Sometimes I think i’m fine..
I think my world is completely normal..
Content even.. 
That I might even be happy one day..
But then reality crashes over me..
And i realize the place where my heart used to reside is empty..
All that is left is a dark void..

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My first post ‘about’ Moon and not ‘to’ Moon… Oh the times they are a changin’.


Oh my where to begin?

Do I begin?

I’ve been struggling a lot with that, do I begin writing to you again?

I kind of feel the need to but at the same time I have no desire to write/talk/text/communicate with you at all anymore, but my soul well, my soul has other ideas. It found comfort in being able to just get whatever was happening out and it just so happened that I would do all of my ‘getting out’ to you..

But you don’t care anymore. And I don’t care to ‘get out’ to you but I still feel the need to ‘get out’.

Lost you yet?

Sorry I guess what I am trying to say write is that I am just gonna keep writing here but I won’t really be ‘writing to you’ anymore.

I’m just going to be writing to the universe.

And I’m going to that writing here.

I just don’t have the time to put into making a new blog that feels like home like this one does. I’m convinced that you no longer read this anymore anyway so it won’t matter.


After all that stupid explaining.. of nothing, I don’t remember what I was saying or where I was going with this and I’m nervous if I stop now this will just end up another draft in my overflowing Drafts Folder and it will be long forgotten like so many others.


It’s been so long since I’ve posted that I kinda forget how to do it ha.. I think I might try to put on some music and see where it takes me..

Well I never had the chance to put on music. This post has just sat here unwritten all day, haunting me…

I’m gonna try again…

It’s just so unnatural to write to anyone or anything other than Moon, I’ve spent so long pouring my everything out to him that I don’t how to vent without him. You see, I have spent so much of myself (all of my time) on loving him and US that I have forgotten who I am without him.

I am slowly finding myself.

I’m hoping that with time this will become easier and less awkward but for now I will just try to power through the awkwardness.

I miss him..

I try to convince myslef that I don’t.

I try to remind myself why it will never be with him.

It helps. Most of the time.

But every once in awhile I just miss him so much it takes my breath away, tears sting my eyes, my heart races, and time stands still while the hurt rushes over me.

I’m way better at fighting the hurt now days.

I am quicker at recovering and ignoring the hurt.

But it is still there.

I wonder when I will stop thinking about him.

I wonder when it will truly not hurt to think of how happy his life is without me in it.

I wish for the time that any happy that I feel is not immediately followed by thoughts of US and how we should have been the ones feeling this happy I feel.

I will I ever get over that I wasn’t good enough for him?

I wasn’t going to spend my time whining to him but I guess it doesnt really count if I’m whining ‘about’ him and not ‘to’ him right?

Because no matter what Moon will always be a part of my life/soul. Even if I never see him on this earth again I will forever be bound to his soul.

And he to mine.

two years

I never thought my body would every forget you or respond to another. .

I was wrong. And I’m so glad that I was.

I didn’t know if or how to write about it but I didn’t have to think about it someone else already said what i needed to.

I haven’t cried for US in almost a week now, you don’t linger in my every thought… I’m finally letting you go like you did to me so many moons ago.

see that girl I’m eating popcorn and Butterfinger Bites washing em down with good ol’ h2O while watching the Bachelor.

Don’t judge.

I’m trying not to hate on love.

I’m trying not to hate on you. I think it’s working, for the most part. I mean.. I still haven’t really shed any tears for you/US. I still feel ‘okay’.

I have dreamt of you the last several nights. They have been odd. I don’t really remember much about them, I know that we are not a couple usually. For the first time in forever when I wake up I’m not begging and screaming for you, there aren’t tears running down my face and I’m not gasping for breath.

But the sadness is still there sometimes.

These feelings of ‘okay’ are so taboo for me that I am silently waiting for all the pain/tears/hurt/sadness/darkness from the loss of US to come slamming back but I kinda don’t think it will and I am more than ready to accept that.

I can finally see a future without you in it. I can finally see a day where I’m not looking/waiting for you every second.I have finally went days without crying for you. I don’t know whether to be happy or sad.

My soul screams sad.

My mind longs for happy.

I’m not feeling anything.

I guess that’s a good thing.

I’m hoping by letting go of you and feeling everything without trying to deny or ignore I’m going to be able to love better after this.

One of my biggest fears is I won’t be able to love again. But i think by doing this the right way and not running and pretending to love the closest thing i can, that in the end the love i will be able to offer will be real honest and true.

I won’t tell someone they’re my everything and my world, that i couldn’t live without them or imagine a world without our love only to tell someone else those exact same things almost simultaneously, like you did.

The next time i tell those things to someone I’ll mean them.

Just like i did with you every time i said them, right up until you finally got caught and had to tell me you’d been lying and cheating on me. And still even after, when my heart and soul wouldn’t give up and the love we shared still lingered, I meant it then too. I always have and always will.

I think I’m ‘okay’ only when you’re out of sight/out of mind. . . And you’re rarely out of mind.


I have been sitting here thinking of so much to write but really I don’t have anything to write here. I don’t feel anything when it comes to US anymore.

I honestly never thought that day would come. I hoped and wished for this day to come every second since that summer night that my world came shattering down, but I truly never thought it would really come. I kinda always thought that I would hang on to this sad love story forever but I guess the time has come.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am sure that there will be days or moments that the realization of losing you brings me to my knees or tears will spring to my eyes, but on the daily I feel nothing, and that makes me a little sad.

I have spent so much time and energy the last few years on the love that I had for you/us that I almost forgot what life was like without you in it. I literally had to train myself to not make choices with you/us in mind. I had to constantly remind myself that you didn’t want me anymore. Over and over I had to stop myself from reaching out to you. For months when the phone rang or text came I wished it would be from you. You had become such a huge part of my world that it has taken more time than I would like to admit for me to accept your gone.

But the day has come.

I wonder if that makes you happy? I wonder if you even remember I exist. And then I immediately try to remind myself that it doesn’t matter that I will never know the answers to those or any other questions I still have and oddly I am totally okay with that.

I am okay without you.

And then. . It’s 2am and I’m staring into the dark and it’s not long before the sadness creeps in and I’m reminded that I’m nothing to you. .

And well, that hurts a little more than I remember and now I find it difficult to remind myself that I’m okay without your love.

Are you okay without mine? Do you even remember what my love felt like? Was I not good enough at loving you? Why was my love not good enough for you? Will my love be good enough for anyone? Could anyone love me? Does it matter if they can because I don’t think I have any love left to give anyone. I guess that is kind of a good thing because that means no one can hurt me the way you have ever again.

Right? !

Yea.. so apparently it’s one of those nights.

Fuck nuggets I was hoping the okay would have held out a little longer than half a post. FML

Welcome to Ravings Of A Lonely Utah Man, and the 5 REAL Stages Of A Breakup From The Man’s Perspective

36 hours is all i had to win you back. . But i didn’t even find out for almost 36 weeks and you’d already fallen in love with her.

I never had a chance.


Utah man where were you a year ago? Darn it. Better late than never. At least now I’m schooled for the future.


Ravings Of A Lonely Utah Man

What I am going to tell you is that I’m someone who’s been way too lonely for way too long. This is a sort of online journal for my (mis)adventures in trying to heal a broken heart. I say (mis) because, let’s face it, I’m a guy and so I’ll probably fuck this up at least 20 times before I get it right. But, hey, there’s an upside for you in this, because you get to see it all play out more or less as it happens!

So, let’s start at the beginning.

My ex-girlfriend and I broke up in October. I moved out, found my own place, and life moved on. Unfortunately for me, I met a really, REALLY great woman immediately after. Like, that same week.

What I saw...
What I saw…

Who thought I…

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